Bind Address For Buyer

Please note that access to this API requires the API key to have market permissions enabled.

By default, a user's address A is used for both payment and receiving inscriptions. However, for some wallets, such as the xverse and hiro wallets, different addresses are used to store BTC and inscriptions. This method allows the wallet to use address A for payments and address B for receiving inscriptions.

import {signMessage} from "sats-connect"

const paymentAddress = "";
const ordinalsAddress = "";

const toSignStr = `Please confirm that\nPayment Address: ${paymentAddress}\nOrdinals Address: ${ordinalsAddress}`

// for xverse
        address: ordinalsAddress,
        message: toSignStr,
            type: "Mainnet"
    onFinish:(signature)=>{'/v3/market/brc20/auction/bind', {
            btcAddress: paymentAddress,
            nftAddress: ordinalsAddress,


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