• Runes Support

- View and send Runes assets on the testnet.

- Before mainnet launches, we will enhance the display and user experience. Your feedback is highly valued.

  • Unconfirmed Balance Mode

- Introduced a toggle for enabling unconfirmed balances.

- Unconfirmed balance usage is automatically disabled when holding ARC-20 or Runes assets.

- You can re-enable it in Advanced Settings, but be cautious as these asset types are currently not recognized in the mempool, which could lead to asset burning risks.

  • About Unavailable Balances

- We've added explanations for balances labeled as 'Unavailable', which include inscriptions, ARC20, and Runes asset balances. When Unconfirmed Balance is disabled, this will also include unconfirmed balances.

- Due to the system handling a maximum of 500 UTXOs at a time, any excess UTXOs at an address will temporarily be classified as 'Unavailable'.

  • Fee Rate Alerts

- No longer forcing pop-up warnings for transactions with high or low fee rates.

- Risk level downgraded, now indicated by a subtle tag.

  • Default OutputValue Adjustment

- Reverted the default inscribe outputValue to 546 satoshis for simplified operations.

- For certain addresses, manual adjustment to 330/294 is still possible if necessary.

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