How to Etch Runes?

You may visit to get the page.

Input the parameters as needed.

For example


Symbol is E,

It is Mintable, and Amount was settled as 500, Cap for 4,000,000.

The Premine is 15,000.

And leave other fields empty.Then you could input the above needed text as shown below,

Please note: you need to wait for 5 blocks confirmations for etching.

After the Rune is confirmed as valid, the etcher will get 15000E EVERYONE.LOVES.NATURE.FOREVER. Meantime, the others can mint Rune EVERYONE.LOVES.NATURE.FOREVER.

Following is the introduction for each parameter:

Rune: Runes name, (currently you can ethi 13-26 characters long, can be separated by a middle dot ·, and the separator does not count towards the character limit).

Symbol (optional): The symbol after the number of runes, which can be A-Z or empty. If empty, a general symbol ¤ will be used.

Mintable: Toggle off to disable further minting. Runes are only premine upon creation.

Amount: The Amount field contains the amount of runes each mint transaction receives.

Cap: The number of times a rune may be minted is its cap. A mint is closed once the cap is reached.

Advanced options: Set up premining, divisible figures, and the starting or ending block where minting is possible (optional).

Premine : The etcher of a rune may optionally allocate to themselves units of the runes being etched. This allocation is called a premine.

Divisibility (optional): A rune's divisibility is how finely it may be divided into its atomic units. Divisibility is expressed as the number of digits permissible after the decimal point in the amount of runes. A rune with divisibility 0 may not be divided. A unit of a rune with divisibility 1 may be divided into ten sub-units, a rune with divisibility 2 may be divided into a hundred, and so on.

Absolute Height: The absolute block height (based on the current block height).

Relative Height:The range of relative block heights (based on the block of etching real).

Start Height:A mint is open starting in the block with the given start height.

End Height:A rune may not be minted in or after the block with the given end height.

Minded: You can find the Premine setting on the pop-up page after clicking Advanced Options.

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