brc20-swap Introduction

Built as a module on top of the brc-20 protocol, brc20-swap allows users swap, provide liquidity and earn brc-20 tokens directly without the need for intermediaries.

The brc20-swap interface

Users can connect their brc-20 supported wallets to swap and provide liquidity on brc20-swap. These docs explain all the features of the app, and provide straightforward walkthroughs on how to use it.

The app consists of three pages:

Swap - the trading interface for executing swaps on brc20-swap and depositing more assets into the module.

Pools - the liquidity provider interface, where LPs can add liquidity to brc20-swap pools

Transactions - interface for users to view the past brc20-swap interactions

brc20-swap operates like most decentralised exchanges: Users deposit assets into liquidity pools, where traders can exchange assets again at prices set by the AMM's math formula.

Connecting your wallet

In order to swap or add liquidity on brc20-swap, you will first need a wallet with brc-20 support. These are available as an extension for popular browsers or as apps for your smartphone.

brc20-swap supports the following wallets:

Click on any of the above links to find more information about each wallet, and instructions on how to install them on your browser or device.

Once you have installed a wallet, it’s time to connect it to brc20-swap.

When you first navigate to brc20-swap, you will see a button in the top right of your browser window that says Connect.

Click on this button and a modal will appear asking you to select a wallet. Choose the wallet you installed in the previous step.

At this point, the wallet app will take over and ask you to confirm the connection to brc20-swap. Your wallet is now connected to brc20-swap.

Read the testnet guide to learn how to prepare your wallet on testnet for testing brc20-swap

pageTestnet guide

Depositing assets into brc20-swap module

In order to swap or add liquidity on brc20-swap you must first deposit assets into the brc20-swap module balance.

Once you have connected to brc20-swap, switch to the Deposit tab in the swap page. Select the ticker for the assets you want to deposit into brc20-swap.

Click on “inscribe TRANSFER”, UniSat Wallet will prompt you to sign an inscribe event.

Your wallet will prompt you to enter an amount, enter the amount you wish to inscribe.

Sign the transaction, the transaction is broadcast to the network.

Click "Deposit" and sign the transfer inscription to brc20-swap. Once you must wait for 3 confirmation (which could take an hour) before the funds become available for brc20-swap.

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