The API for brc20-swap requires the corresponding permissions to be granted before access is allowed. If you are interested in brc20-swap, please contact us to apply for access.

Currently, this set of APIs is consistent with the interface used by If you are unsure about how it works, you can refer to the login website and experience it.

pageGet Global ConfigpageGet Address BalancepageGet Deposit InfopageGet Address All TickerpageDeploy PoolpageAdd LiqpageRemove LiqpageSwappageGet All Pool ListpageGet My Pool ListpageGet OverviewpageGet Gas HistorypageGet Liq HistorypageGet Swap HistorypageGet Rollup HistorypageGet Deposit ListpageDepositpageWithdrawpageCancel WithdrawpageGet Withdraw ProcesspageGet Withdraw HistorypageGet System Status

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