BRC20 Marketplace

Parameter Description

  • tick: BRC-20 tick

  • timeStart: The starting timestamp, measured in milliseconds.

  • timeEnd: The ending timestamp, measured in milliseconds.

  • timeStep: Represents the interval between each data point, measured in milliseconds.

Additionally, there are the following limitations on the requested parameters.

(timeEnd-timeStart)/timeStep <= 2016

The optional values for timeType are day1, day7, day30.

ticks can be used to filter the "list," allowing it to return only the ticks that are needed.If the ticks field is not provided, all BRC20 data will be returned.

In the returned fields of this interface, only the "list" field needs attention. The "deploy" and "cap" fields are included solely for display purposes on certain pages of UniSat Marketplace. Filtering the fields will not affect "deploy" and "cap"; they will always be returned.

The optional values for timeType are day1, day7, day30

By default, a user's address A is used for both payment and receiving inscriptions. However, for some wallets, such as the xverse and hiro wallets, different addresses are used to store BTC and inscriptions. This method allows the wallet to use address A for payments and address B for receiving inscriptions.

import {signMessage} from "sats-connect"

const paymentAddress = "";
const ordinalsAddress = "";

const toSignStr = `Please confirm that\nPayment Address: ${paymentAddress}\nOrdinals Address: ${ordinalsAddress}`

// for xverse
        address: ordinalsAddress,
        message: toSignStr,
            type: "Mainnet"
    onFinish:(signature)=>{'/v3/market/brc20/auction/bind', {
            btcAddress: paymentAddress,
            nftAddress: ordinalsAddress,


  • btcAddress: (Optional) Only for multi-address wallet, such as Xverse, hiro. To specifies the BTC receive address

  • serverFee: Service Fee

  • serverReal: The service fee after deducting various discounts.

  • serverFeeRate: Service fee rate

  • txSzie: The virtual size of this transaction.

  • nftValue: Satoshis in the inscription

  • feeRate: The current accepted minimum network fee rate.

  • availableBalance:BTC balance available for constructing transactions."

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