UniSat Game Framework

The advent of blockchain technology has revolutionized the gaming industry, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and monetization. At UniSat, we provide robust tools and APIs to harness the power of Bitcoin blockchain for game development. This guide will walk you through using UniSat Inscribe API, Marketplace API, and more to create Bitcoin games.

  • How to Inscribe brc-20 FTs and Ordinals NFTs Using UniSat Inscribe API?

This guide provides detailed steps on using the UniSat Inscribe API to mint brc-20 Fungible Tokens and Ordinals Non-Fungible Tokens.

You can implement this process through our interface available at: https://docs.unisat.io/dev/unisat-developer-service/unisat-inscribe

  • How to Access brc-20 Market and Ordinals NFTs Marketplace Using UniSat Marketplace API?

To engage players in trading in-game assets, integrate your game with the UniSat Marketplace. Our API makes it seamless to connect with both brc-20 market and Ordinals NFT Marketplace.

You can attempt to integrate it using the following interface: https://docs.unisat.io/dev/unisat-developer-service/unisat-marketplace

  • How to Create Reusable On-Chain Game Assets Using Recursive Inscriptions?

Recursive inscriptions are fundamentally composed of HTML and SVG, allowing for resource reuse simply by having the inscription content point to a relevant link.

For reference, see: https://ordinals.com/inscription/7f364014338d6dff53557244182033f84f2a7de46a89685aa0eec725317de216i0

  • How to Develop brc-20 GameFi Contract Inscriptions Similar to brc20-swap?

Create an independently executable JavaScript file that operates on-chain, and execute it using a VM2 Virtual Machine. Here's a simple example:

const contractText = await api.inscriptionContent(inscriptionId);
const vm = new NodeVM({
    require: {
      external: true,
      root: "./",
const bundle = vm.run(contractText, "vm.js");

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