Refer to more updated details: https://github.com/unisat-wallet/extension/releases/tag/v1.2.9

  • Enhanced transaction details during signing:

Transactions now display involved assets more accurately. Please ensure all assets are as expected before signing.

  • Improved risk warnings on the signing page:

Updated our risk detection for unintended inscription sending. If a warning appears, please double-check transaction details before proceeding with signing.


- Risk of burning inscriptions/brc20/ARC20

- Mixing inscriptions/brc20/ARC20 in transactions

- Low/high fee alerts

- Inscription merges or value changes


  • Display Hidden Characters in BRC-20 Tickers

  • Improved balance display: Now differentiates between "Available" and "Unavailable" balances.

- Available: BTC you can safely spend now.

- Unavailable: Includes BTC in inscriptions, ARC20, pending balances for addresses with Atomicals enabled, and BTC beyond the first 500 UTXOs for those holding a large number of UTXOs.

- You'll be able to pick specific UTXO from the "Unavailable" set in the next update.

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