How to Acquire a UniSat API Key

Previously, API keys were requested by contacting the UniSat team and applying via email. With the new Developer Center, you will need to register with your email and choose the appropriate plan.

Here are the steps to acquire a UniSat API Key:

  1. Visit UniSat website and click 'Developer' in the homepage navigation bar. From the dropdown menu, select 'API Pricing' to access the detailed API plans page. Alternatively, you can directly click here to view the API plans.

  1. Choose the plan that suits your needs and click 'Get Started' under the detailed description of the plan to go to the Developer Center plan acquire page. Or you can click 'Developer Center' in the yellow box on the page to enter the Developer Center.

  1. Before acquiring a plan, you need to register a Developer Center account using your email.

  1. Once registered, go to the Dashboard page where you will see your API Key, Current API Key Configuration, and your API Request Log. For newly registered accounts, we will continue to offer developers a monthly free access quota of 5 calls/second, up to 2,000 calls/day.

Click 'Plan' in the upper left corner to go to the API Key acquire page.

  1. Choose the plan you need and click the 'Buy' button under the specific plan to enter the acquire page.

  1. Payments are currently accepted via PayPal and BTC. If you choose PayPal, the page will redirect to the PayPal payment page. If you choose BTC, you can pay using a BTC wallet address or your UniSat wallet.

Here is an example of a BTC payment method, click 'Pay with BTC', then select 'Pay with Wallet'. The page will prompt you to sign; confirm the input and output information carefully, and click 'Sign & Pay' to complete the acquire.

  1. After the acquire is complete, you can view your plan acquire record on the Billing page.

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