UniSat Developer Center Plans

To provide everyone with convenient and diverse options for purchasing API keys, we offer several plans: Free, Specialist, Enterprise, Custom, and 'Pay as you go'. For details: unisat.io/plans

  • Free: Ideal for conducting research and high-load testing. Obtain a one-time key for your short-term project.

✔Rate Limit: 2,000 calls/day

✔Rate Limit: 5 calls/second

  • Specialist: Suitable for developers running larger scripts and blockchain startups with a growing user base.

  • Enterprise: Perfect for wallets, exchanges, and startups in their growth phase.

  • Custom: To inquire about a custom API plan, please feel free to contact us at contact@unisat.io.

  • Pay as you go: Suitable for temporary high-demand needs with flexible usage.

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